Omiiiigooosh, I just had to do fanart for
She’s currently working on an otome game; code name “Pet Sim Otome game”. xD ♥. ITS SUCH A FREAKING BRILLIANT, CUTE, AND PERFECT IDEA. GFKGDKH. Like, you guys have no idea how much I’ve wanted to see something like this.

So here are all the pet characters in the game. first four are the main characters, the other four are the rivals. :D

She actually hasn’t released the colour scheme of these characters to the public yet, so I just loosely based the colours from the original animal. So I probably got the colour all wrong from her original vision. *o* !!

I was originally only going to do fanart for one character, but I literally love all the characters. I just couldn’t do just one. T-T Like, holy crap. NRGGHGHGGH. I love how even in her early sketches, they all have so much personality. (LOL ESPECIALLY TEDDY. A grumpy, shota bunny? HOW IS THAT NOT PERFECT?!) I seriously look forward to this