[Skipping day 13, since it’s pretty redundant]

DAY 14, SADDEST ENDING: Trip & Virus’ Ending “DRAMAtical Murder Re:Connect”

Honorable mention: Keisuke’s 3rd Bad ending “Togainu no chi”

Both of these endings just crushed my heart, but for different reasons. Although Trip & Virus’s ending was a lot sadder overall, (Since it was watching Aoba get tortured and lose all hope for over an hour) I feel I have to mention Keisuke’s because of how tragic, horrible, and shocking it was.

It was short, but absolutely gruesome. What made it worse was knowing that Keisuke had no control over himself while he did the horrible thing he did to Akira. It was devastating to me to hear him say the word “aishiteru…” right before the screen fades out. I was pretty sad for two days after that.

Now  then, Trip & Virus’ ending. Whoa. Okay. That had me bent out of shape for a week. Aoba is my favorite character, so to hear someone I care so dearly for in so much pain, so scared, so lonely, so utterly humiliated, and dehumanized… especially by two people he thought were his friends. Ugh… I cried so much. I hated Virus and Trip so much after that. I couldn’t stand to see any art of them, I just didn’t want to look at them.

I don’t have that same resentment to them anymore… But I still feel a bit uncomfortable whenever I see fanart of them.


DAY 12, FAVORITE ENDING: Clear’s TRUE good ending from DRAMAtical Murder Re:Connect


It was just the perfect way to end Clear’s good route. It answered a lot of questions, asked some pretty good questions (Like Clear being robot, and what that means for them in the future), it had some awesome sexy time…Just everything about it was perfect. Once the ending song started playing, and the screen faded to the credits… I just started bawling my eyes out with the biggest smile on my face. (Well.. truth be told, I started crying a bit before that, but it sounds more dramatic this way. Lol.)

I’ve played a lot of games with a lot of good endings, but I don’t think any of them has made me feel so happy to the point of tears. Lol. I dunno, maybe I’m just a wuss for AobaxClear. *- *;


DAY 11, FAVORITE SCENE: Clear’s face reveal from “DRAMAtical Murder”

Dang. That’s a hard question, but when I really thought about it…I think it had to be this super special, heart-wrenching, doki-doki scene.

Luckily, I had the chance to play this game knowing nothing beforehand. So I think it made it that much more impactful when I finally got to see Clear’s face for the first time. This scene is just really beautiful, and the way Aoba is so mesmerized by how beautiful Clear is, and how he assures him that his face is just like his… How it’s not ugly, or weird…

Ahhhhhh~ It was super special. And of course, it was a super important scene in terms of Clear’s and Aoba’s character/relationship development.

Sorry to bother you. But will you please inform me where you go that pillow at. And if it's from ebay, what seller?

No problem!

I bought it on ebay, from the seller newyan2014.

Here’s the listing:

It’s a really good deal! Only $30’s with free shipping. ^ ^;

Though keep in mind that it’s only the pillow cover. They also sell the inner pillow stuffings…But it’s like $60. *-*; So I just went to Target and bought a regular body pillow there for only $12. :3

*Internal screaminggg*

Ahhh~ my Clear body pillow finally arrived and I can’t believe how wonderful it issssss~♡
I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be such good quality. The image is really crisp, and the material used is a really nice silk! (Much better then my other pillows) ( ・ัω・ั ) And I also can’t believe how big the pillow is! It’s almost 5 feet loooong.

I will have many cuddle sessions with him. (๑´ㅂ`๑)へへ~♪



Rejet x Smart scans (Part 2/2)

The Dot Kareshi boys!!!!!

if u didn’t know, rpg boys in casual clothes is one of my favorite things in life…….

Cute fashionable boyfriends are the bane of my existence. T3T

Oh my god you were Cecil at Fanexpo, now I wish I'd gone! Not that I could afford it but anyways I just wanna say your Cecil's hella cute ~flys away~


Nggghhhh~ *Tries to chase after you as you fly away, but trips and fails miserably.*(lol) But thank you so much. T-T <33 I was only able to go on the Sunday, but I still had a really good time. Hopefully you’ll be able to go next year!

Wooh! Went to Fanexpo this year, cosplaying as Cecil Ajima from Uta no Princesama. Got such an awesome haul that I really wanted to show off. …T_T I LOVE EVERYTHING. I just wish there was more Haikyuu!! Merch. (Let me tell you, I was ready to drop down big money for anything Haikyuu!! related.)

You have no idea how hard it was lugging this on the subway, dressed up, and clutching a large body pillow with beautiful half naked men on it.

I think I got a few stink eyes. xD

"If you get soaked, you’ll catch a cold, Master."

Oh, whats thiiiis? Clear being a perfect baby again??

Okay. Whatever. I was hoping to have my heart broken into a million pieces again from his adorableness. Whateverrrrrr. D:::::::

Suga is best mom. T-T <3333